I live and work in Singapore. I have spent most of my life in India. I  have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering, and a Ph.D. in management.  My day job is with a technology company which I joined in 1999.

I am a member of Cernunnos Books, a collective dedicated to taking lesser known voices of fiction across borders. Cernunnos is currently partnering with a Hindi Litmag, Kathadesh, to run a short story contest in Hindi. A contest in Breton is also planned.

I am working on translations of the Hindi classic Chitralekha and the prize winning stories from Kathadeshs 2014-15 story contest. I plan to publish my own novella, Honesty, in 2016 and a novel about Subhash Chandra Bose by 2017.

Write to akk at akkulshreshth dot com. I can only check this account about once a week. I may find it hard to reply, but I will read your email. I welcome criticism of my work.

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