Once Upon a Time in the Future

The Indian epic Mahabharat is a vast, magical and timeless literary creation that makes us wonder if all stories have already been told. This collection of speculative stories offers homage to the Mahabharat. The stories alternate between mystery and fantasy, and move in time between the epic age, the present and the year 2049. These stories address simple questions: What went on in the minds of the heroes of the Mahabharat? Can we use its episodes to make sense of the India of today? What would Krishna do if he wanted to redeem the future of India? If all stories have been told, so have these. But stories, even upon retelling, can entertain and surprise.

Praise for Once Upon a Time in the Future:

“An original and imaginative retelling of India’s ancient epic, these episodes illuminate the timeless quality of old truths in a modern age.”

Meira Chand

Kulshreshth cleverly chooses varying point-of-views for his stories, challenging the reader to piece together mysteries and question morality.

San Francisco Book Review 

Devakinandan Khatri’s The Bowl Full of Blood
(I am the translator)

"Today, I will inflict evil on a good woman and faithful wife. If I do a good job of it, I will become prime minister tomorrow. " In the kingdom of Haripur, an unknown assassin plots in the dark... Soon, the noble Birsingh finds himself accused of murdering the Prince. Meanwhile, the elusive bandit Naaharsingh is on a vendetta against the King. Will good beget good, and evil beget evil? Published in 1895, The Bowl Full of Blood is a historical adventure novel. It is a story of intrigues and betrayal, of brotherhood and honour by a pioneer of Hindi fiction.

Praise for The Bowl Full of Blood:

A seminal work, a hidden gem that needed to be translated and presented to the modern audience. A fun read. Superbly translated. " 

Mukul Deva

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